Life Stories

Give the gift of a lifetime …

Chronicle stories for future generations.


Custom personal video biographies, recorded memories, and written memoirs that celebrate, honor, and recognize

“I ask questions and listen, really listen. I want to record who the person is, what their earliest memories are, what’s shaped the turns their lives have made and what they want you (and other generations to follow) to know about things that are important to them.”

– Marilyn Bennett, personal historian

Share family stories and memories that will be lost forever unless they are shared.

Chronicling your favorite elder’s life story is a lasting and loving gift you can give. I will listen attentively to your loved one tell me about their life in their own words, which captures their unique spirit and personality. Giving your elder a chance to recount the meaningful moments in their life will bring comfort, relief, and joy. They will have the assurance that they will leave behind a lasting legacy and the knowledge that you recognize the spiritual and emotional legacy they have already given you. The memoir is not only a treasured gift to the family but also a contribution to historic archives.

How it works

If possible, I will have your elder review a questionnaire about general facts and the timeline of their life as well as a place to note special stories or events they would like to talk about. Family members contribute ideas or requests for stories to familiarize me with their history, significant moments, and life setting. I will come to a place that is comfortable for your elder. My style is informal, open, relaxed, inviting, and therefore allows storytelling to flow naturally. Lesser-known stories come to the surface, memories emerge, which enable your loved one to express what is most important them.

ALL options are customized to fit your needs

  1. LIFE STORIES DVD: Stories and memories captured on video from roughly 4-6 hours of videotaped interviews over multiple days. PRICE RANGE: $375-$500
  2. LIFE STORIES Memory Book: DVD plus a printed compilation of writings, letters, and photographs. You have the option to include an unedited transcript of the interviews. The book is professionally designed, bound and printed. PRICE RANGE: $750-$1,000 depending on length of written material and number of scanned images.
  3. LIFE STORIES Memoir: DVD plus a full-length memoir professionally edited, designed, bound and printed. We begin with the videotaped interviews, then use transcriptions of these recordings and other written material from the storyteller for the basis of the memoir. Family members can contribute brief reflections, letters, and photographs. Throughout the interview process and review of written materials, I will listen for themes and ways to organize the material. This will allow me to make suggestions about the content and length of the final memoir. PRICE RANGE: $2,000-$5,000

Consider what a gift this can be to the person you choose to interview, to your family who will now have this recording to cherish for future generations.

Consider this is also a gift for you.

The joy that comes with helping another tell their story is truly priceless.

Dad telling his story has brought new purpose to his life at 83 yrs. He smiles more, it seems almost in relief that he is finally able to record this history before he no longer can, and he has Marilyn to pull it all together. What a gift to family members for generations to come. Thanks Marilyn

-Kelly Baraby, Helena

How you make it happen…

With your $250 down payment, we will:

  1. Provide a personalized gift card(s) from the family;
  2. Schedule a meeting to determine which package suits you;
  3. Set up a timeline to produce your LIFE STORIES gift.

Marilyn Bennett,
1039 Butte Ave
Helena, MT 59601
[email protected]

Marilyn Bennett is a video biographer, a book and blog author, and a contributing editor who lives in Helena, Montana. Her mission is to tell stories, connect generations, and preserve legacies with timeless recordings, videos, and written narratives.

What author Patrick Straub says about Marilyn and LIFE STORIES

When I first learned of the exciting new historical biography, Life Stories, I thought to myself “What a great idea! I wish I had thought of it!” These books and DVDs allow for family members to hear, see, and read the exciting lifetime of their loved ones. But when I learned that Marilyn Bennett was the founder, creator, and editor, it was clear to me this is an even better idea. Life Stories is a great way for you and your loved ones to pass-on all the greatness of a bygone era. And…no one is better suited or more talented than Marilyn.

I’ve worked with Marilyn on several book projects over the years and she is dedicated to entertaining and accurate historical storytelling. She has a knack for uncovering exciting details—she accomplishes this through her ability to listen, and listen extremely well.

Life Stories is a unique opportunity for people to tell their amazing stories. And, just as the stories are important and one-of-a-kind, Marilyn’s vision for creating books and DVDs for sharing these great moments is superb. Her experience as a writer and editor gives her attention to detail that most historical biographers don’t possess.

Over the years Marilyn has mastered the art of the interview. She is able to develop a close friendship during the interview process, allowing the magnificent anecdotes of each person’s life to come forth. Through her keen eye and talented pen, Marilyn creates a finished product that family, friends, and generations to come will cherish. Marilyn’s Life Stories is just that—the stories of your life shared for those with lifetimes to come.

-Patrick Straub
Author of: It Happened in South Dakota, Montana: An Explorer’s Guide, Montana On The Fly: An Angler’s Guide, The Frugal Fly Fisher