Dancing a Comeback – Thursday Mornings 10:15 am

2014 Hike to Granit Park ChaletI’m so happy and grateful that I can start teaching Nia * at Helena’s Dancing Lotus Center again after a 4 year timeout because of cancer, chemo treatments (successful), surgeries, and the aftermath that followed. Throughout the ordeal I used so much of what I had learned embodying Nia over the previous years: flexibility, balance, grounding, body awareness, agility, strength. I could draw on the sensation of being grounded on the earth and in balance even as I heard the cancer diagnosis. I knew what flexibility felt like and it prepared me to deal with having my world turned upside down. In turn I have grown in my strength and agility as I’ve dealt with numerous complications in the last two years and at times overwhelming frustration with the obstacles that seemed unending. But this is all a part of life, the good and the hard, the amazing and the stuff that super sucks.

I’m returning to teach with a whole lot of new awarenesses -like going forward with wherever your body is. I’m not waiting to be in perfect shape. My spirit and sense of fun propel me.

I’m super excited that Kathryn Gustin asked me to co-teach. I so admire her style and skill. We’re going to have a blast!

Thanks to the mighty Nia Helena community that has surrounded me with love and care throughout my journey!


* Nia is a cardio dance group fitness class that incorporates martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. The class empowers people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to become stronger, fitter, and more joyful. Nia is based on the idea that exercise should feel good. Wear loose comfortable clothing. We dance barefoot unless you require shoes, then we ask that you wear shoes that have white soles in order to keep the beautiful floor clean!

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