Emma Jean Grande, the golden wonder dog, passed on to doggie heaven on Wednesday afternoon, January 20. She’d been having trouble on and off for a couple of months, and her body had had enough. I’m super grateful that she was around to entertain us with her antics for 13 years. She went very peacefully, resting well before the final send off –she had a really rough morning before that. I know she would want me to thank you for all the food you slipped her under the table over the years and for not getting too mad when she ran off when under your care or when she stole your pizza, popcorn, avocado, cake, juice, ribs, kitty’s poop, and the other things you don’t know about. Emma was an amazing gift to me and to so many others. Remember her joyous love and slobber, and wish her open fields and a buffet of tasty treats easily within reach.
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Pride Weekend in Helena
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