As promised, here is the announcement of the new project that I’m working on with the Rev. Gil Caldwell. Some of you may remember our work together on the book Selections from Truth in Progress: Letters in Mixed Company and some of his writing I posted on my old blog (April 10, 2008, He is a 76-year old straight African American male retired Methodist/United Methodist pastor and Black Civil Rights Movement activist. I’m not. I’m the 48-year old white lesbian not-so-tired-anymore activist and writer. DSCN0669

We are now embarking on a three year multi-media project, Truth in Progress, that includes an interactive web site, documentary film, and book. Besides our continuing correspondence, we will be interviewing activist and leaders in cities significant to the Black Civil Rights and LGBT Equal Rights Movements. Clips of these will be available through our web site throughout the three years. The film will be available in 2013.

While we work on launching our web site, you can check out our blog and join the conversation with your comments. (WEBSITE UP:

Also, an article appeared in the Windy City Times, the Chicago LGBT newspaper this week about Truth in Progress.  Here is the link.

I will continue to publish my blog. There are just too many funny things to write about to let this go. Also, there are other announcements, see posting below.